3 Basic Feng Shui Rules to Easily Utilize Without a Bagua
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3 Basic Feng Shui Rules to Easily Utilize Without a Bagua

Feng shui is a complex art which requires dedication to learn, however these three simple rules make using the basics of feng shui easy

The basics of feng shui can seem hard to grasp for the beginner. There seems to be so much they need to learn and understand before they can put feng shui into practice in their home. This can make people shy away from finding out more about this interesting subject.

It could be the concept of using a Bagua which makes some people imagine feng shui is too complex to understand. Indeed learning about how to use a Bagua, an instrument which helps you divide your home into sections and teaches you where best to place particular objects, is a task which requires time and consideration.

There are ways you can practice the basics of feng shui without having learned all there is to know about using a Bagua. Doing so will help you instantly bring harmony and tranquillity into your environment, although if you intend to be a serious follower of feng shui you will still want to learn more in-order to advance in knowledge.

Basic feng shui rules

Sharp angled objects.

Sharp angled objects could be anything from furniture which has two edges which meet in the form of a point, such as a square tables corners, to plants which have leaves that end in a sharp looking point.

Points are referred to in feng shui as poison arrows as its thought that they disturb the mind in a subconscious form and are therefore unlucky.

It’s preferable to choose round leaved plants for your home and rounded furniture; however furniture edges can be softened by the use of a cloth or throw which covers corners.

Free flow of Chi

Chi is fresh, life giving energy which circulates when sufficient air is allowed to flow in the home. Stagnant Chi brings with it bad energy and should be removed. One way to promote healthy energy into your home is to remove clutter, which also disturbs the mind, and freshen the air in your home regularly. You can also brighten dark corners by the use of lighting and promote the passage of energy by hanging wind chimes in areas where stagnant chi may gather.

Fresh energy

In a similar fashion you can get rid of bad energy and therefore bad luck, by removing dried flowers and dead plants from your home. Keep plants in good condition and consider having those which help remove toxins from your environment. Never keep dying plants at the entrance of your home.

You can practice feng shui by utilizing these three basic rules: removing or softening poison arrows, promoting healthy Chi, and keeping energy in and around your home live and fresh.

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Comments (6)

Well written. I am also a fan of feng shui. Keep up good writing on various topics.

A wonderful article on how to bring feng shui into your home! I didn't know that pointed edges were classed as distractions or that curved is more positive, I like that :D A great piece, Brigit :D

I am always interested in metaphysical answers for mundane concerns. Feng Shui fascinates me as it is both functional, and philosophical in its practices. You have created a well written article on the subject and thus I have voted it up.

Ranked #6 in Green Building

Thank-you for the comments everyone and the vote Scottie

Thanks for sharing:)

Good advice for a starting point on the subject...thanks